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What to expect at your visit

On your first visit you should plan to be at New York Retina Consultants for about one to two hours. You will receive a complete medical eye examination with dilating drops. Your eyes will be sensitive to light for a few hours so you may wish to bring a pair of dark glasses and have someone to drive you home.

Depending on your eye condition, you may receive specialized testing (fluorescein angiography, optical coherence tomography, or ocular ultrasound) and you may undergo treatment. The equipment used to diagnose and treat your condition at New York Retina Consultants is the most advanced and best available.

What to bring to your visit

  1. Your complete insurance information including your Medicare or Medicaid card if you have one.

  2. Referral information. If a referral from your doctor is required by your HMO or insurance plan, please obtain it before your visit. 

  3. A photo ID

  4. A list of your medications and any allergies you may have.

  5. A family member or friend to drive you home if possible. Your relative or friend is welcome to observe the visit.

  6. We will ask you to fill out forms (below) about your medical history and insurance. You may wish to print these forms now and fill them out before your visit to save time.


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